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Post details: October Update


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October Update

I was scheduled for a PET/CT today (10/20/06), but the machine was broken, so they were kind and told me of the status this am. There was a chance it would be fixed for my 2pm appointment, but call later; it wasn't done, so we rescheduled for next Thursday at 7am.

I'm meeting with Dr. Goy on next Friday, and he of course gets the results, interprets, and uses that as the major input to the follow-up exam (so there will be a rush on reading those slides!).

Since last I posted, all has been well. The family is doing well, I'm going about my normal life - work is crazy, but I do try to keep a bit of perspective on that. i.e. - i will think 3x before missing out on some family event for work. I was pretty good with that before, but even more so now.

I had a bump on the back of my leg at the last Dr. Goy visit, and since then I've had it removed - a sebacious cyst (sp?) was the verdict. Benign - a wonderful thing, negative tests - negative is good... Heck, I was even happy to hear the doc say 'it's an adult pimple'. I'll take that.

I still haven't managed to take the extra weight off - but really want to. I worked too hard last time to have this stay! I went on a 50 mile semi-hilly bike ride about 2 weeks ago - the Twin Lights ride that originates in the Highlands, NJ. Nice ride, and we did a 17.2 mph pace. It's better than the pace I did it at 2 years ago, when I was about 30lbs lighter - and no, it's not 30lbs of muscle! I did it with my good friend Andy - with whom I used to ride regularly, but he's at a different employer, so we can't get out for our weekly 32 mile ride - but we did squeze one in about a month ago - after a work golf outing that we were both at. 18 holes of golf, beers, food, and then 32 miles of riding - and again - a better performance than i had ever posted before. Too many variables to determine the cause, or if cancer played into it at all before. Bottom line, it was a great ride.

All else seems well, I reached out to a few 'cancer' friends a while back, and all are doing well. Actually - I need to catch up with Steve to see how he's doing. We always ask about him when visiting Dr. Goy.

A friend of a friend is getting ready for a stem cell transplant, after having 2 relapses. He's an animal. He works out like you wouldn't believe - even when doing chemo. His site is:
inspirational, and I wish all the best for he and his family.

That's it for now, all the best to everyone following this, and anyone undergoing it...


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New Pandora CEO faces royalty fight with artists
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6 hours ago

pandora LOS ANGELES (AP) — Pandora's new CEO Brian McAndrews is a rock star of the digital advertising world. He's best known for supercharging growth at digital marketing company aQuantive before its $6.3 billion sale to Microsoft. But as he takes the helm at Pandora, a daunting task awaits. The new tune-spinner-in-chief will need to oversee the renegotiation of the royalty fees the company pays to artists and recording labels.

pandora jewelry sale What sounds like a mundane legal tussle could be a make-or-break moment for Pandora. The company's Internet radio service is wildly popular and continues to grow despite an expanding landscape of competitors. It has 72.1 million monthly users, and some 2.5 million people have activated Pandora in their car dashboards. Since the beginning of the year, Pandora's stock is up more than 150 percent.

pandora jewelry outlet Even so, royalty fees are the Internet radio giant's biggest drag on profits. For each song the service streams to listeners, the company pays a fraction of a penny in royalties, a rate that will rise each year through 2015. Last year, more than half of Pandora's $427 million in revenue went toward royalty payments, and costs are growing with every song its service plays.

pandora jewelry sale If Pandora doesn't prevail in its negotiations, the company may need to increase the number of ads it presents to listeners or raise subscription fees in order to turn an elusive profit. But doing so could turn off listeners and hurt its ability to compete with services such as Apple's iTunes Radio, which launches next week.

pandora outlet charms McAndrews' appointment as CEO on Wednesday sent Pandora's stock up 12 percent to $23.97 on Thursday.

pandora outlet shops The 54-year-old executive told The Associated Press that the royalty fight is "a ways off" and that he'll rely on the counsel of co-founder Tim Westergren and outgoing CEO Joe Kennedy.

"I'm confident we'll be prepared and do the right thing," he said.

"I do share Pandora's longstanding belief that musicians should be fairly compensated for their work," McAndrews said, adding that the existing patchwork of laws was "created piecemeal over decades" and "doesn't serve any one very well."

Pandora's royalty costs are the main reason it posted another net loss in the quarter through July, of $7.8 million, despite revenue that rose 55 percent to $157.4 million.

It has been difficult for Pandora to rein in royalty costs. In February, Pandora restricted listeners to 40 hours of free mobile listening per month, in an attempt to cap royalties driven by its heaviest users. But after listener hours began falling, it reversed the move in August.

Analysts are concerned about the bind Pandora is in.

"They're kind of stuck in this situation where they can't get to profitability from growing their users. They need to get to profitability from giving their users less content," said Rich Tullo, an analyst with financial services firm Albert Fried & Co. "That's a kind of tough position to be in as a company."

What's different about the upcoming fee negotiations is that Pandora's survival is no longer in doubt. Analysts expect that in the fiscal year through January, Pandora will post its first positive earnings per share — 3 cents after excluding special items — since it became a publicly traded company in the summer of 2011.

Despite its narrow profitability, some artists believe they haven't been compensated enough for their contributions to Pandora's success. Many of them want a bigger share of the riches music streaming is generating.

Pandora's revenue is more than 20 times what it was in 2009, the last time it reached a deal with the recording industry.

View gallery ." FILE - In this Wednesday May 21, 2008, file photo, Brian McAndrews applauds a speaker during the Mic …

David Lowery, frontman for the alternative rock band Cracker, blogged in June that he could make more from the sale of a single T-shirt than the $16.89 Pandora paid him for a million plays of the band's 1993 hit "Low" in the final three months of last year.

While he acknowledges he made $50,000 in royalties last year across all streaming and sales formats, Lowery told The Associated Press his fight is about the future, because services like Pandora are displacing other forms of listening.

"If we don't get the webcasting rights right for songwriters, we're screwed," Lowery said.

Pandora has tried numerous tactics to drive royalty costs down. In June, it bought a South Dakota radio station to qualify for the lower fees charged to station owners. The company also backed a now-defunct bill in Congress that would have lowered its rates. Each move has been met with strong opposition from the music industry.

Internet-powered music services are becoming more and more important to musicians and labels. So-called "access models" made up 15 percent of the music industry's $7.1 billion in revenue last year, up from just 3 percent in 2007, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

Because Pandora's 2009 deal with record labels and publishers now acts as a benchmark for other companies, including Apple, any fee reductions in a new deal with Pandora would have a ripple effect across the industry.

"That's why everybody in the industry is very exercised about these rates," says RIAA President Cary Sherman.

Pandora pays record labels and performers combined about $1,200 for every million song plays. The rate goes up $100 each year through 2015, when the current deal expires.

Pandora pays another $200 or so per million plays to session musicians, songwriters and publishers.

In all, the payments amounted to more than $214 million last year, or roughly 50 percent of Pandora's fiscal 2013 revenue.

Pandora has pointed out that, as a percentage of revenue, that's more than the $300 million paid by Sirius XM, or about 9 percent of revenue, and the $500 million paid by the entire traditional radio industry, or only 3 percent.

David Oxenford, a copyright attorney who has represented Pandora, says the Copyright Royalty Board's likely first step when hearings start in January will be to give the music industry and Pandora six months to come to a deal on their own.

Pandora is also fighting separate battles in court with the two major songwriters' societies, Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), over songwriting royalties. It's a separate challenge that McAndrews will also have to navigate.

Still, even as they attack Pandora, music industry executives acknowledge that they share a future with the company.

"We want Pandora to be a raging success," said Paul Williams, president of ASCAP. "But their success should be our success, too."

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5 trophies taken from Hall of Fame in Saratoga, NY
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4 hours ago
AP - Sports

tiffany SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AP) -- Five trophies were stolen from the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, including the silver Tiffany prize awarded to the winner of the 1903 Belmont Stakes, police said Friday.

tiffany rings Saratoga Springs police Lt. John Catone said the smash-and-grab burglary occurred around 11:30 p.m. Thursday at the museum, located across the street from Saratoga Race Course.

wholesale tiffany jewelry The thief set off an alarm that alerted police to the break-in, Catone said. The burglar spent less than three minutes inside but managed to make off with five trophies by smashing their glass display cases located in two separate galleries, he said.

tiffany outlet The stolen memorabilia includes the Belmont Stakes Trophy won by Africander and the Brighton Cup Trophy, both from 1903. The others are the 1905 Saratoga Special Trophy won at Saratoga in 1905 by Mohawk II, and two steeplechase trophies: the 1914 Brook Cup Handicap Steeplechase Trophy won at Belmont by Compliment and the 1923 Grand National Steeplechase Trophy won at Aintree in England by Sergeant Murphy.

tiffany rings Museum officials said the Brook Cup, Saratoga Special and Brighton Cup trophies are made of gold, while the other three are silver, including the 248-ounce Grand National trophy. The 76-ounce Saratoga Special and 35-ounce Brighton Cup are 18-carat gold, the officials said, while the silver 1903 Belmont Trophy made by Tiffany & Co. features semiprecious stones.

tiffany silver ''These trophies are irreplaceable,'' said Christopher Dragone, director of the museum and Hall of Fame. ''We are saddened by this unfortunate event and hopeful that the investigation leads to the apprehension of the individual or individuals who committed this crime and the return of the trophies.''

Museum spokesman Brien Bouyea said the value of the trophies hadn't been determined yet. The museum is home to a vast collection of trophies, jockey silks, equine art, artifacts and other thoroughbred racing memorabilia dating back centuries. The Hall of Fame's inductees include nearly 400 horses, jockeys and trainers.

The break-in comes nearly 10 months after 14 gold and silver trophies worth $300,000 were stolen from the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame in Goshen in Orange County. Police said the trophies stolen in December included the 18-karat Memphis Gold Challenge Cup won in 1902 by a mare named Lou Dillon, one of the sport's greatest trotters.

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Charms Vintage Allure med 14K & Grön syntetisk spinell - 290678SSG - SEK 2,405 : Billiga pandora smycken ,

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Pandora Halsband
Pandora Pärlor
Pandora Armband
Pandora örhängen
Pandora Compose Örhängen
Pandora örhängen
Pandora Ringar

Utvalda -   [mer]
Dingla St Louis Cardinals - MLB Baseball - USB791169 - G026SEK 891  SEK 649
Spara: 27% mindre
Clip 14K guld Ribbed - 750.118SEK 5,173  SEK 2,785
Spara: 46% mindre
TrädgÃ¥rd Odyssey med White Pearl & Svart Zirkonium - 190848PSEK 1,600  SEK 1,124
Spara: 30% mindre

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