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Post details: May/June 2016 Update - All is well!


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May/June 2016 Update - All is well!

May/June, 2016 Update - ALL IS WELL

My appointment with Dr Goy was in May, but procrastination and life got in the way of this post!

Chris and I went to see Dr. Goy, and all went well.

This was the first visit without scans prior (CT, PETs were dropped a while ago), and I'm fine with that, as less 'stuff' going through me is probably good, and no need to incur the expense if there's no 'need'.

So, the visit with Dr Goy is a fairly quick laying of hands, check lymph notes, heart/lungs/etc, and he inquires about health, etc. It's also good for us to hear from him what he's been up to, how many MCL patients he's seen, etc.

We did note that I'd been having colds more frequently, especially in the winter. How much is related to lots of antibiotics during chemo, or having my immune system beaten down during chemo, or the fact that this was a cancer that affects the lymphatic system, etc I'm not sure. They tested my IGG, which can be a marker, but levels were fine. I may ask for a test going into fall next year to see if I need something to boost the system during that time.

Thanks for all the support, thoughts, and prayers; they're clearly working!

Update on several friends fighting MCL right now:
- Jim in in remission!! This is awesome news, and not for lack of effort.
- Rich is doing very well, post a SCT. Again, not for lack of effort, but he's settled out. As he posted recently "Other than that all has been quiet on the health front… and I must confess that living a quiet, boring, normal life is a very good thing."

Thoughts and prayers to other friends/family fighting various forms of cancer.

Many thanks,


Comment from: Jim [Visitor]
Awesome. Glad to hear you're doing great. Been following since my aunt was diagnosed with MCL about five years ago. She went through pretty much the same treatment as you, although I don't know the exact technical details of it. She also had bone marrow and stem cell transplant afterwards. She's been fine since then.

Jim - thanks for the positive comments, and awesome on your aunt - re success. SCT is certainly a tougher route, but has great promise. Best to you and your aunt, and there's some very positive stats coming out of our community. thanks...
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