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Post details: Hackensack University Seminar on Cell Therapy and Interventional Immunology


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Hackensack University Seminar on Cell Therapy and Interventional Immunology

My oncologist, Dr Goy, is hosting a seminar at Hackensack University Medical Center, on Cell Therapy and Interventional Immunology.

The summary from the site is:
Join us for this exciting program with the nation’s top cancer experts for a review of the latest developments and implications of cell therapy and interventional immunology in the oncology setting for solid and liquid tumors.

There is a need to bring clinicians and scientists together to collaboratively discuss innovative translational research programs and controversial management and treatments to improve efficacies in hematological/solid malignancies. This conference is designed for hematologists, oncologists, physicians, scientists, and medical professionals involved in cancer research, diagnosis and treatment.

While this is clearly not a layman's seminar, I encourage anyone that's reading this, that has an oncologist, or knows of a research scientist, etc working in this space, to attend, as these are the targeted treatments that we need to treat, and cure cancers.

The link is:


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