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Post details: A great post - copied from a friend


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A great post - copied from a friend

I'm cutting this from a friend's site, but I was amazed as I read it. So much of it rang true for me, that I wanted to post it. He had the same cancer that I did, and went through a similar treatment at HUMED, under Dr. Goy's care. He had more complications than I did, but went through it like a champ. Here's part of the post:

"Again, when I look back at what went on in 2008, it was easier for me to experience those challenges, than some of the challenges that I face today. I never felt as stressed back then as I do sometimes today- even though my life was on the line, and I was in the emergency room 6 or 7 times in 12 months. I know so many of you can relate.

I say these things, knowing that some of my friends are without jobs right now due to the economy. I can say these things, knowing that despite the stress, I am blessed and successful and grateful for my job. But I just am puzzled by the variance or dichotomy.

I go through each day, grateful for my family, my friends, my faith, my job, my challenges that teach me a lesson in patience, persistence, gratitude, and the desire to continue.

I thank God each day. I pray for forgiveness for my weakness, thankful for my gifts, and patience to accept the challenges that we all face each day.

I know that the gifts I have are more than the reasons for the strength I have to face each day with a smile."

I could comment on each line, but I'll spare you that; rather note that Jim, the author, captured some amazing sentiments, and all hold true for me as well.

Thanks Jim - keep up the good work.



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