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Post details: 5/20/13 Update - All is well (7+ year remission)


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5/20/13 Update - All is well (7+ year remission)

We (Chris and I) visited Dr. Goy today, and all is well!

We had the reports from my recent CT scan, so we questioned sites that remained unchanged/unremarkable, making sure we understood what everything meant. I also had a colonoscopy and endoscopy recently, as MCL tends to invade the gut, and i hadn't had a scan since 2007 - those were clear, and Dr. Goy was happy, sending me on my way for another year. But not before we talked about current treatment protocols, and the challenges for patients, as there still isn't one standard treatment. The protocol I received was R HyperCVAD, and has been proven to be quite effective, especially in aggressive forms of the cancer.

I have friends that I've met through this journey that have been treated, and have relapsed, and are seeking new treatment options, including Stem Cell Transplants, which, while very challenging, have amazing results. Several of these friends have already taken clinical trial drugs, and for that, I'm ever so thankful and in awe. It's the drugs that are currently in clinical trials that we hope will bring a cure to many of these diseases.

Many thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and support from friends and family. Please keep it up, it's surely working; and please keep in your thoughts and prayers those who have passed, and those who continue to fight.

Have a great summer!


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