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Post details: 5/18/12 - Update - All is well (6+ year remission)


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5/18/12 - Update - All is well (6+ year remission)

It's awesome to post that... and to look and see the last post was over a year ago.

We saw Dr. Goy today - and Chris got to see the new cancer center for HUMED - the John Theurer Cancer Center - it's really amazing. We also got to see Coleen, Mary, and Maureen, and it was so good to see them and catch up. Again, they were all such an important part of my/our cancer journey, so helpful, that it's tremendous to see them.

We're looking forward to the Life and Liberty Celebration that HUMED/JTCC conduct each September, and this year we should have both kids with us (barring conflicting schedules that have prevented them both from coming in the past).

One of the most amazing things to hear is Dr. Goy's dictation into the recorder. The man speaks faster than anyone I know, and with a fairly heavy French accent, all the while moving his feet. However, it's also where i heard him say 2 years until the next exam - at which time he looked over at me and winked. We discussed, and i said i'd miss seeing everyone for 2 years, so lets keep it at 1!

Thanks for visiting, and thoughts and prayers to all who are either battling cancer, or the caregivers, families, and friends - you've all been amazing supportive, and we can't thank you enough.


PS - just read my reports - so nice to see 'unremarkable' and 'unchanged' throughout!


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