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Archives for: May 2015


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May, 2015 Update - ALL IS WELL

Chris and I went to see Dr. Goy today - all went well.

I had my scans last week, and I had possession of them prior to the visit, so I got to see 'unremarkable' and 'unchanged' - the words I love to see on those scans!

It's still great to see Dr. Goy, and he's untiring in his pursuit of a cure, of helping, of building out the work he's doing, etc.

Thanks for all the support, thoughts, and prayers; they're clearly working!

I do ask for prayers for a few friends who are fighting MCL right now (Jim and Rich specifically), and for a friend who lost the fight about a month ago (Greg). All have/are fighting valiantly, and all have tremendous faith and support, but could always use some help. For Greg, he leaves behind a wife, a daughter entering college next year, and a son going into junior year of high school. His passing shocked the heck out of me, as he cruised through R-HyperCVAD, but his Auto SCT hit him hard. For anyone doing chemo treatment, don't fight/'tough out' the fevers, the sick, etc - get to the hospital if you hit the marks your onc tells you about.

Many thanks,

My Treatment Entries

I'll review the treatments I'm getting, what happens, and how I feel. This should help let others know a little about what to expect. NOTE - everyone reacts differently.

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