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Archives for: May 2011


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5/13/11 - Update - All is well

It's been a while since posting, and for those that monitor - thanks for looking, and for those that have found this site looking for info, please contact me if you have any questions on the site/contents, I'd be very happy to offer any insight/thoughts I have.

All is well!

I'm happy to say so for me, and do so realizing that not all is well for everyone (thoughts and prayers to all affected). My scans were good, I had a great meeting with Dr. Goy and his staff, during Nurses Appreciation Week no less. To give testament to the kind of Doctor Dr. Goy is, as I arrived at the hospital, there was a delivery of at least 100 beautiful hanging baskets of flowers, that Dr. Goy had ordered for the nurses. I ran into him as I entered the new hospital, as he was looking over the flowers to make sure they were good. One of the nurses I met had commented that he was one of the only doctors to acknowledge Nurses Week in such a manner. (If you've read my blog at all, you know that the nurses make ALL the difference during treatment).

The visit was good, brief but good. "Your scans are clear" was the statement early on; then there's the basic questions, laying of hands to check for lymph nodes, and then the dialog about what's happening in the space of MCL, with other patients, etc. Goy's so very personable, invested, etc. He's recently been named Chairman and Director of the Cancer Center at HUMC, which is awesome. More hats to wear for him, but so long as he can do it, great for me and many others.

Amazing ironic story, one of our best family friends, has an uncle, that's a tailor in town, that has the exact same cancer that I did. It was at a social function that she told me that her uncle was being treated in Hackensack, by a French doctor named Gu..... (phonetically), and I said "Goy?!", sure enough... Jerry (cancer patient) and I talked at some point on the phone, and it was amazing - same disease, same protocol, but he's about twice my age going through it - and he's taking it like a champ. I had the pleasure of seeing him at our friend's daughter's communion recently, and he looked awesome. He's going into round 6 of R-Hyper CVAD, and surely that will kick him a bit, but he's done well, and I'm sure he'll come out with flying colors. He too has an amazing support system - which is HUGE. What's really neat is some of the nurses are still there, and he has one of them somewhat regularly.

Also, we (my immediate family, and my Mother) walked at the Mercer County Park Lymphomathon, organized by the Lymphoma Research Foundation. It was a great sight, they provided yellow shirts to survivors, and white ones to all other walkers. Great attendance, a beautiful day, and an overall excellent event. Many thanks to those that donated - it's wonderful to have such good friends.

I've rambled on, but the short of it is, healthy, over 5 years out, and incredibly grateful. Thanks, and thoughts and prayers to all.


PS - I heard Jim and Steve cell-mates from HUMC are doing well, Cory (cell-mate from Chicago) seems to be doing quite well, Nurses Gabby and Mary from HUMC are now engaged (awesome - both are amazing people); so happy to see Coleen, Alex, Hillary, and Jesse during my visit to Dr. Goy.

My Treatment Entries

I'll review the treatments I'm getting, what happens, and how I feel. This should help let others know a little about what to expect. NOTE - everyone reacts differently.

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