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Archives for: February 2010


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2/22/10 - Semi-Annual Update - All is well

February 2010 Semi-Annual Update - Unremarkable....

All is well - scans were unremarkable/unchanged/etc... The doc was pleased (as were we).

I had a CT scan on Friday (2/19/10), but no PET scan this time. I figured insurance would start to question/push-back on the PET scan, as they're quite expensive, and as I'm 4 years out from treatment, there's a point where they'd want to have something evidence itself in a dr visit, or the CT scan. Really can't argue with that... So, CT scans they were, with contrast, and had pre-med of 3x50mg Prednisone, and took 3x25mg benadryl. The scans went uneventful - quite a bit faster than having the CT and PET to do.

The doctor visit involved the usual wait (north of an hour), but I got to see Mary and Alex (both nurses that used to be on the Chemo floor, and are now in Dr. Goy's staff). Coleen and Dr. Goy are doing well, and it was great to catch up. Goy's been busy, but still does 2 days a week seeing patient appointments, and of course makes rounds, etc. He's Deputy Director of the Cancer Center, and Chief of Lymphoma, and a big advocate of administrative resources still maintaining a hand's on approach.

I'm still going for 6 month checkups - which is good, and I'll go back in September, after all of the fun of summer!

I talked to Jim (cell-mate), and he's doing well - another clean visit, and we're of course thrilled to hear. Steven's doing well, and I need to sync-up with him.

My firm has an annual appeal where you can donate funds to various charities (comes out of your paycheck, and some matching of funds takes place), and the Hackensack University Medical Center is one of the choices, so I picked that, specifying the Cancer Center. I sent a note to some colleagues at work, nothing that if they didn't have any charity choices of their own, that they consider this one when making their election. I know most everyone has their own issues/challenges to work with, but in the event they were looking for something to contribute to (outside of the generic firm's choice - a good charity of course), they consider this one. I raise this issue on the blog, as I'd (1) encourage readers of this to do the same if they don't have any specific choices in mind, or (2) you may want to encourage others to donate to whatever facility you attended. (Seems it's when you were first starting to work that you didn't have as many issues, or compare as many pains with friends/colleagues, that you simply chose the generic charity - years later, there seems to be an abundance of worthwhile choices that have a personal attachment!)

Many thanks for looking, best wishes to all!

My Treatment Entries

I'll review the treatments I'm getting, what happens, and how I feel. This should help let others know a little about what to expect. NOTE - everyone reacts differently.

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