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Archives for: August 2009


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August 2009 Semi-Annual Update - Unremarkable

Again - 'unremarkable' is one of the best things to see on a pet/ct report - and i had a bunch of them ('unremarkable's).

I had the scans done on Friday, 8/17/09, and I got a copy faxed to me last week - allowing me to review them before my appointment with Dr. Goy today. Again - this is a key thing to do, as you can question the report when meeting the the doc. On mine, I was happy not to have to question anything. (As an aside, I have to prep w/Prednisone and Benadryl to supress an allergic reaction to the dye that I developed - seems to work well.)

I'm feeling great, still need to lose weight, and my buddy Andy is on me to get cycling again (sage advice). Still, spending time with the family is more fun than being out on the bike for a couple of hours - but then, those that do it say they do it so they can spend more time with the family in the long run...

I got to see Dr. Goy - he looked great, same spirit as ever. His father is apparently as energetic as he is, and at 80 is patenting devices that help with wood splitting for some renewable energy source device he has. Amazing... must be in the genes... Coleen, Mary, Hillary - got to see them all today, and very happy to - great people all of them.

Dr. Goy noted that at 4 years out (i'm 3.5 now), he'd go to an annual checkup. I've discussed this with another buddy of mine, whose wife had a cancer, and his logic is - why would you want to delay identifying something if it came back? The inconvenience of an scan and appointment isn't too much to deal with, versus the other downside. I think I'd prefer to stay at 6 month intervals. We'll see...

Asked about Steven, and he's doing well. Jim's going in shortly I believe, and I'll send a note out to Cory to check in on him. The hospital (Hackensack) is sponsoring an event at Ellis Island on 9/13/09 for Cancer Survivors (Goy said he didn't like that work, and neither do I really), and I think we'll be attending. I'll check with Steve and Jim - would be good to catch up....

Thanks to everyone for checking in, summer has been great - we did vacations to LBI and Boston/Cape Cod, as well as a Sand Castle day at Belmar that was pretty neat. The family is doing great!

Enjoy the rest of summer, Happy Labor Day, and thanks again!

My Treatment Entries

I'll review the treatments I'm getting, what happens, and how I feel. This should help let others know a little about what to expect. NOTE - everyone reacts differently.

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