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Archives for: February 2009


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February 2009 Semi-Annual Update

Another clean bill of health!

I had my PET/CT scans on Fri, 2/20/09, and the follow-up meeting was with Dr. Goy's associate, Dr. Feldman.

I had the normal PET/CT scans conducted the week before (complete with pre-medicating with Prednisone and Benadyl, as I have a reaction to the contrast dye). The scans looked good, again 'unremarkable' is a great term to see! Guidance to those going through this - get a copy of your scans so you can read them as well, and so you have a copy. I keep a paper copy, and scan them to the PC so I have soft copies of all records, and can package them up if needed (to be sent to someone, print them without photocopying all of the records I have - a rather large binder at this point). CBC's look good as well.

All else is well, feel great, family's well, got in some skiing, and enjoying life!

Best to all!


My Treatment Entries

I'll review the treatments I'm getting, what happens, and how I feel. This should help let others know a little about what to expect. NOTE - everyone reacts differently.

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