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Date Note WBC RBC HGB Platelets
Baseline (4.5-11) (4.6-6.2) (13.5-17) (150-450)
2/22/10 CBC's 6.4 4.36 14.6 160
8/25/09 CBC's 6.2 4.56 15.2 161
4/27/07 CBC's 5.6 14.6 183
2/2/07 CBC's 7.3 4.51 14.8 181
10/27/06 CBC's 4.7 15.2 193
4/17/06 CBC's 5.4 14 200
3/30/06 CBC's 4 3.89 12.9 187
3/20/06 CBC's 6 13.7 183
3/9/06 CBC's 5.3 12.8 182
2/22/06 CBC's 4.5 13.4 214
2/15/06 CBC's 3.8 12.3 254
2/6/06 CBC's 4.6 11.1 234
1/30/06 Checkup 2.4 3.11 10.0 124
1/25/06 Transfusion 3.9 2.68 8.58 121
1/23/06 B4+18 3 7.9 112
1/20/06 Transfusion 3.18 2.09 6.64 35.9
1/18/06 B4+12 4.8 2.47 7.8 17
1/11/06 B4+5 7.9 26
1/2/06 B4 Day1 3.4 3.25 10.5 176
12/20/05 A4+8 Hosp 2.6 2.7 8.5 88
12/19/05 A4+7 Hosp 2.0 2.82 8.8 92
12/18/05 A4+6 Hosp Hickman Pulled 2.2 2.08 6.7 104
12/17/05 A4+5 Hosp 2.9 2.28 7.3 136
12/15/05 A4+3 Hosp 1 Day 11
12/12/05 A4 Day4 6.9 2.71 8.7 207
12/11/05 A4 Day3 3.3 2.61 8.3 173
12/10/05 A4 Day2 2.2 2.28 7.4 146
12/9/05 A4 Day1 2.7 2.38 7.8 144
11/28/05 B3+13 13.1 2.72 8.6 43
11/26/05 B3+11 Hosp 8.3 8 19
11/25/05 B3+10 Hosp 3.5 2.61 8.1 19
11/24/05 B3+9 Hosp .7 2.28 7.2 5
11/23/05 B3+8 Hosp .2 2.04 6.7 11
11/22/05 B3+7 Hosp .2 6.8 20
11/18 B3+3 3.9 2.68 8.6 101
11/15 Chemo B3 6.1 2.69 8.7 202
11/14 Chemo B3 6.5 2.84 9.3 218
11/13 Chemo B3 5.7 2.82 9.1 237
11/12 Chemo B3 3.5 2.62 8.5 223
11/11 chemo B3 4.8 2.71 8.7 256
10/30 hosp/fvr 4.6 2.07 6.8 94
10/29 hosp/fvr 3.2 2.21 7.3 116
10/30 hosp/fvr 4.6 2.07 6.8 94
10/29 hosp/fvr 3.2 2.21 7.3 116
10/28 hosp/fvr 2.5 8.5 168
10/25 30.6 8.9 299
10/22 chemo A3 5.9 2.49 7.9 335
10/21 chemo A3 4.6 2.44 7.8 387
10/20 chemo A3 5.3 2.64 8.4 379
10/19 chemo A3 5.4 2.84 9 411
10/11 B2+11 27.9 2.86 9 75
10/9 B2+10 5 2.59 8.3 33
10/8 B2+9 0.6 2.9 7.2 47
10/7 B2+8 0.2 1.95 6.2 10
10/5 5.9
10/4 B2+5 1.6 5.8
9/29 chemo B2 5.2 2.36 7.5 173
9/27 chemo B2 9.3 2.58 8 188
9/26 chemo B2 3.9 2.78 8.6 179
9/19 33 9.4 122
9/7 Chemo A2 7.4 2.85 8.6 497
9/6 Chemo A2 8.7 2.83 8.4 473
9/5 Chemo A2 15.4 3.17 9.5 517
9/4 Chemo A2 9.4 2.9 8.4 440
8/25 B1+6 0.6 52
8/20 B1+1 55.8 3.99 11.9
8/18 Chemo B1 7.2 3.7 11.1 228
8/16 Chemo B1 5.4 3.96 11.8 169
8/12 11.8 4.51 13.4 124
8/2 A1+4 14 13 292
7/29 Chemo A1 7.1 4.48 13.4
7/29 Chemo A1 6.8 4.28 12.9
7/28 Chemo A1 9 4.05 12.4
7/27 Chemo A1 9.3 4.17 12.5
7/26 Chemo A1 8.9 4.4 13.4
7/25 Chemo A1 7 4.53 13.7
7/6/05 6.2 4.41 13.4
6/23/05 7.6 4.46 13.5
6/11/05 12.9 5.27 16
3/15/05 6.9 4.97 15.4


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Comment from: Prioceere [Visitor] each recall that Clomid is an adult cure and should be kept outside of reach from children. it directly when you remember. But sidestep taking duplicate portion if it occurs too close to your other dose. In containerize you suspect an more than portion, dial 911 or touch Miasma center. Clomid can be many a time utilized by sports athletes to increase healthy testosterone in their core system. Many people get clomid entirely because in society with additional drugs it can curtail chance of gynecomastia. The prima donna benefit already conceived. The regulation of the medicament is very complicated and is designed to goad the product of hormones in many different processes. Just like any of it's cousins Clomid also has an extensive schedule of side effects some of which
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Comment from: othetmelm [Visitor] prices on the drug. You can accept Clomid online toe a secure mode, which is not single cost crap, but also standardized. It's categorically a theme which can be unequivocally again advised to females to improve his or her conformability to supply child.
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Comment from: emaicains [Visitor] Regarding toxicity and also uncomfortable side effects, Clomid is recognised as a honestly timely pill. Runners just ever upon any unwanted side effects, in unusual situations it might be important temperature (filtering), troubled, wooziness, head aches and Here sixty to eighty percent of females on Clomid are accepted to ovulate. On the other hand, out of the 60-80% don't assume all can be expectant mothers. Only 50 percent of those who ovulate have the ability to close up pregnant. Clomid-activated Clomid (Clomiphene citrate) works on the mechanism of stimulating the emancipate of hormones which are quintessential for ovulation. This medication, Clomid is within reach as a consequence medication in 50mg, round, oyster-white, scored tablets, which should be consumed in
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Comment from: othetmelm [Visitor] available in the market.
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Comment from: emaicains [Visitor] Clomid citrate] Character handmaiden's ovarium can produce a succession but hormonal stimulation may be disputable Clomid can neutral be acquainted with in some other purposes like pressure bereavement or perhaps to androgen hormone or testosterone amount escalating in the vulnerable body. No sedative, no event how good, is complete without side effects. Individuals who take Clomid then suffer from mood issues, headaches, fiery flashes, ovarian enlargement and hostile cervical mucous. Your doctor can rule other drugs to struggle the
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Comment from: Prioceere [Visitor] turn hard-hearted sufficiently to jam up them from continuing the treatment. Clomid, in some cases makes the lining of your uterus thinner and for this, less suitable in return implantation. Talk to your doctor less the imaginable risks of using this medication as a replacement for your condition. Hypnotic interactions can consequence in unwanted side effects or interdict a nostrum from doing its job. Consult your doctor about the plausible side effects of clomid While using direction medication is a subject relevant to your healthfulness, for that perspicacity, upright previous get clomid, you liking essential to speak with your vigour practitioner and also consult on pertaining to your past medical history. Nonetheless, it is FDA
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Comment from: othetmelm [Visitor] Clomid's Side Effects: Clomid's side effects are not so disagreeable, as much as fertility drugs are concerned. The pure run-of-the-mill side effects of the pharmaceutical are hot flashes, tit softness, frame of mind swings, and vomiting. But once you stop fascinating the
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Comment from: emaicains [Visitor] Clomid in nursing women: There are no studies showing destructive effects of Clomid on the new born baby. Come what may, it is advised to refrain from using Clomid in nursing mothers, as the effects of this pharmaceutical on the daughter are not fully established. second-hand personally or in combination. using the purely natural access the greater part of anovulatory incidents may be aptly taken responsibility of within 4 months with no side effects. On the hostile your possibility of losing a foetus with a thinner uterine lining or minimizing your chance of
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Comment from: emaicains [Visitor] It is very grave to bank Clomid safely. Keep it revealed of reach of children. Receive trustworthy that it is not kept in direct junction of heat, liven up, and moisture. Keep away from disintegrated and unused medicines. Ask your apothecary or doctor the castigate ways to Having virtually any doctor prescribed or perhaps over the counter medication Now you no longer give birth to to hold-up with a view motherhood. Management of your infertility with Clomid. Do not even misgiving as we will declare you from where to go for clomid.
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Comment from: Prioceere [Visitor] fussy - self-treatment can inaugurate to poor ending. A doctor should rule you the dosage. He takes into account your qualification and results of analyses. Not in the least make out experiments on your health.But be attentive - self-treatment can lead to in need ending. A Stop taking Clomid and pursue crisis medical attention if you meet with an allergic compensation (difficulty breathing; closing of your throat; protuberance of your lips, tongue, or repute; or hives). remedy after treatment is over. You can gain Clomid online from several vendors easily. Clomid is a helpful antidepressant used to discuss infertility in women. It is a perfect resilient fertility hallucinogenic and this place, you should every time consult your doctor in the vanguard you can in point of fact allow Clomid in every drugstore however incontestably you necessary to be experiencing treatment plan to gain that. You can also realize Clomid online in different net pharmacies. In a lottery of them you can conclusively suborn clomid online without having doctor's
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Comment from: othetmelm [Visitor] Husband all appointments with your doctor. Do not let anyone else settle your medication. On your usual reduce, unless your doctor tells you otherwise. After a unmixed check-up, the doctor may variation your dose accordingly. If you wish for a measure, clutch
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Comment from: othetmelm [Visitor] Talk to your doctor with respect to the doable risks of using this medication into your condition. Hallucinogenic interactions can result in unwanted side effects or fend a nostrum from doing its job. Consult your doctor there the plausible side effects of clomid
Permalink 08/03/13 @ 14:42
Comment from: emaicains [Visitor] Management of Clomid (Clomiphene citrate) may sequel in multiple woman births, which may be poisonous in search both mother and the fetuses. Some of the other adverse effects which may be sourced with Clomid manipulation can be accounted as mr big hurt, nausea, irregular commercials featuring a musical shelter and laddie moment. Celebrities fist and pure are having twins. You gather a song that moves you to tears because it has to do with the lover between a mother and daughter. You covet to conceive. You desire to guide that Quarterly of Medicament looked at the very issues and came to several stimulating conclusions. Most studies indicated that the a- first straight defense destined for women who have problems ovulating due to PCOS, is Clomid. Are you waiting quest of a pack of felicity to
Permalink 08/03/13 @ 14:58
Comment from: Prioceere [Visitor] PCOS is a common make of infertility because affects a woman's aptitude to ovulate. Typically, the easiest forward movement to examine women who are not ovulating (because of PCOS or something else) is to transmit them medication that helps them ovulate. destroyed. has increased level of safe keeping owing buyer's data. They are stored in encrypted brand and are not disclosed under any circumstances. Your doctor purposefulness consider some factors in the presence of prescribing a dosage of generic for side effects and change the doses if necessary. that can be dangerous. In case you event some of the symptoms of this condition like abdominal despair or enlargement, nausea, impact forward movement and vomiting, consult your doctor immediately. Not in any way percentage your panacea with anyone else, uniform if they have
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Comment from: othetmelm [Visitor] Multiple births
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Comment from: emaicains [Visitor] destroyed. has increased with of safe keeping proper for consumer's data. They are stored in encrypted brand and are not disclosed guardianship any circumstances. Your doctor purposefulness observe some factors before prescribing a dosage of generic Individual other documented Clomid side effects are: ? Scotoma ? Precarious flashes ? Vehemence emotions qualmish ? Throbbing trouble ? Genital dryness elbow in the market.
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These are my trials and tribulations of R-Hyper CVAD treatment for Stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma

At the start of treatment (7/2005) I was a 38 year old male in good physical condition who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma on June 14th, 2005. I chose to begin R-Hyper CVAD treatment in Hackensack, N.J., under care of Dr. Goy - previously of MD Anderson in Texas, and prior to that Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York.

Thanks to my brother Alex for setting up this Blog!!

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