Now and Then

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Here's a pic of me and the kids when starting:

And here's a more recent one:

Difference, about 6 months, an extra 15 pounds or so, and 7 treatments of R-Hyper-CVAD, and no more MCL.


Pics from the Viraf/Savas Visit (thanks for bringing a camera V!)

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The thoughtful Savas:
Danny ponders something

The sleeping giant:
John Sleeping - not really...

A really happy, really fit Viraf:
Viraf Kicks back

Why doesn't the big guy ever smile?
Group shot


Hair - or loss of

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Hair started coming out, so we had some fun and took a little off the top, the sides, well, you get the idea...

Hair Loss
Before HaircutDuring Haircut
After Haircut
Alex watchin\' me trim it up a bit....
Em having some fun! Why don't I have any here at the top? Gotta do it....

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