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Post details: Note from a MCL'er


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Note from a MCL'er

This is a note from an MCL'er (Steve Meyer) - that had was just about to get a Stem Cell Transplant. His message is clear, positive, and very encouraging. His message resonates with me, and I think it captures a lot of what those of us going through this (cancer in general) feel.

I am not happy to have this disease, nor is anyone who has it.
> Chemotherapy is not a refreshment, Bone Marrow Transplants are less fun
> than going to the lake in the summer. And having one's life ripped apart
> by a disease that has historically killed all its victims is not my first
> choice.
> On the other hand when you are surrounded by people who Love you, people
> who pray for you, people who bring you meals, send you cards, rake your
> leaves, cry with you, laugh with you, do your chores for you, shovel
> your snow all winter, cut your grass all summer, come over on Sunday to
> watch football with you, call you on the phone, pick up your medicine for
> you, drive you places when you can't, offer you their homes, offer
> support to your husband or wife, offer
> support to your kids, offer support to your healthy parents, offer
> support to your brothers and sisters, come over to keep you company,
> take you out to dinner, bring you books,cd`s,tapes,loan you their lap
> top, offer their friendship and Love.......
> When your kids tell you they Love you, again and again and again and cry
> at the thought of losing you When your wife or husband tells you they
> Love you even when you act like an idiot and they cry themselves to sleep
> at the thought of losing you. When you see your parents eyes at the
> thought of losing a child to this
> disease and they say " I wish it were me" and they mean
> it....................................
> When people you`ve never met pray for you, send you mail, encourage you,
> meet you for dinner, when the Doctor weeps for you cause he wishes he
> could do more.................... When the pain gets so bad it takes away
> your breath, or you get so sick you think you`re gonna die. I`ll tell you
> what I do. I thank God for my life just the way it is! I have had a good
> life, and I intend to live for many years to come. I plan on seeing my
> Becky grow up. Today she was the happiest little girl in the third grade,
> and so proud to read her grades one by one to her dad, who she has no
> doubt Loves her with all of his heart. I plan to see my twelve year old
> son's penmanship improve even if it takes forever and someday he will
> beat me in chess. I plan to see my my sophomore in college daughter
> someday grow up the rest of the way and get married and give me
> grandkids. I plan to see my parents finish their lives with their son
> alive, and I`ll bury them when they die. I plan to see my beautiful wife
> grow old, get grey hair, and sag, so I can Love her more then than I do
> now, and we can retire to Florida.
> Did we all get a bad break? Yes
> Do we have a right to complain? A little
> Would I change my life if I could? Never
> I`m glad you asked the question, and I pray that you and everyone else
> with this disease gets cured, and those who have died from this disease
> I plan to see them again. The quality of my life has never been
> better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> !!!!!!!!!
> May God Bless all those with MCL and the loving caregivers and families.


Comment from: ASDSAD [Visitor]
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