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Post details: 'Chemo' Friends


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'Chemo' Friends

A place to note some of the friends I've made on the 5th floor of HUMed:

Pedro. 74, Just starting RHyperCVAD in mid 10/05. Great attitude, excellent person - a great rooomate! Best to he and his family

Steve - MCL'er. 51, so he's close to my age - good barometer - and he's 1 cycle ahead of me (looks much younger than 51!). Doing the same protocol as me (R HyperCVAD) under the same doctor (Goy). Great parents (Murray and Barbara). He's taking well to the treatment too, tons of energy.

Mike - Renal (kidney) cancer. Great guy with a couple of really nice sons. Was my roomie for a few days on my first visit. Was having a tough time with his treatment, but they were going to back off and start again I believe. His older son is putting together a benefit concert that I'll have to post about.

xxx (patient) and xxx (husband) - B Cell Lymphoma. Really nice people, met them in Goy's office, and she's here during some of my stays. Having good days and bad days. Should be finishing treatment soon (as of 9/05).

Linda (wife) and her husband - patient. He had a mild heart attach while bike riding, while he was undergoing chemo (they're a bit older than myself, but makes you think you still need to watch it - i wear my heart monitor religiously when excercising). Linda's a trooper and incredibly upbeat and friendly despite the issues at hand.

Also found out one of my client friends from work's mother just battled a B Cell Lymphoma - using R-CHOP. She had a tough time, but she's got good support and will do well.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of these fine people.

It's funny, Lance (Armstrong) writes that he now considers himself part of the cancer community, and that's something that won't go away. It's a weird feeling, you see someone on the floor, and it's like - "what are you in for?" - i.e. what do you have. You learn about theirs, they about yours, etc. Seeing others with shaved/bald heads when you're at the hospital means a bit more than when at home - you usually know what it's for (not a fashion statement).


Comment from: Guy D [Visitor]

I have been thinking about you since the day Andy told me about your situation. I have no doubt in my mind you are the kind of person that can take this set back and deal with it head on and come back stronger then ever. I have read all of Lance's books and there is no doubt about it your will to make it through this period has a lot to do with it and I know you are a fighter. Sorry I have not been in touch not sure if Andy mentioned but my wife gave birth to triplets on August 16th they are doing well but have a long way to go before being released from St Peters what a great hospital. 2 boys and a girl, Arianna 2.9 lbs, Tyler 2.8 lbs, and Peyton 1.4 lbs the little man has a few bumps in the road to get over but we are all pulling for him. I would like to pay a visit to you home or the hospital and of course when you are up for it on the bike. Please call me, it would be great to see you.

Your friend,

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Comment from: nbarwonderful [Member]

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