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Archives for: January 2006


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Hooray! It’s over!! A big hug for each of us from Dr. Goy that confirmed it!

When cancer strikes a family, it affects your whole family and it takes your family, friends and the best medical staff to get you through it.

On behalf of John and I, we’d like to extend our thanks to all that have been with us throughout the last 7 months. In the beginning of our journey, one of our closest friend’s, Jeff Byrne, said that we had an “A Team.” Jeff, how right you were!!

Eternal thanks to Dr. Goy and Coleen who reassured us that this was “fixable” and the wonderful staff on the 3rd floor over at the Sanzari Building. As John has mentioned in the past, the nursing and medical staff over at 5PE at the Hackensack University Medical Center are, hands down, the BEST around! Quality care, compassion and respect for the patient…you can’t find better anywhere else!

Without the support of our family and friends, this road would have been a rougher ride for us. For your assistance with research, childcare, dinners, work, visits to “Camp Hackensack,” inspiring cards and blog and email messages, taxi trips to Hackensack (at 3am), shoveling snow off the driveway as well as your endless prayers, we give you our heartfelt and eternal thanks. This was all a huge comfort to us to know that we were not in this battle alone.

To all those who are still fighting…..Keep up the fight….Stay strong……Stay Positive!!! We will continue to think of you and send many prayers your way!!!

Personal Notes

Personal notes for us to remember things in the hospital, etc.

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