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Archives for: August 2005


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Thanks...... please read

Thanks...... please read
I've been toying with how to handle this one....

MANY SINCERE THANKS to all the visitors that have come by. It's truly been amazing, and quite a blessing as you can imagine. I know it's not close, and I really didn't expect to see as many people - or have requests for 'when's a good time to visit', but I/We are of course very thankful for our family and friends that have come by.

Now - this is not a push for more people to come by! I felt compelled to thank those that have come by, and those that will, but I also know we all have many demands, this is a hike - and I'm only here for 4 days, I'm back home all the other times!

I also want to thank everyone that's posted comments or sent me notes offline. Again - this is truly appreciated, and very encouraging. (Again - not looking for more posts - just saying thanks!!)

I/We consider ourselves very blessed to be surrounded by some truly amazing people. Emily and I were talking in bed several weeks ago about why things like this have to happen. I told her that God works in strange ways, and I think sometimes he does things to showcase just how good people can be. Times like this give us an opportunity to see just how good people are. The doctors, the nurses, family, friends, strangers that offer assistance. From the diagnosis, it has by far been the most powerful thing I've experienced with this situation.

Finally, I had thought about thanking everyone by name in this post, but I realize that everyone involved has been incredible, and honestly, I don't want to leave anyone out. So, again, my/our sincere thanks to everyone that's called/written/typed/sent cards/posted/accomodated/helped/prayed/or thought about us. Each effort means more than you can imagine, and for that we are truly grateful.

I hope that this in some small way conveys what it was intended to.

Ok, I do need to single out one person.... My wife. As you all know, Chris has been amazing throughout all of this. Gathering info, making all the trips with me, coming to visit, keeping things going at home when I'm not there (not that she doesn't do that when I am home, but I like to think I add some assistance...), getting our vacations in order, everything.... Never mind giving me shots and not even making me feel them! Try that at home guys.

Many thanks Hon, you and the kids are my everything. Love you, John


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Books We're Reading

We're reading some books on cancer and related issues, so I figure some notes here about them may be of interest.

First - thanks to Vinny and Jeannine for getting us started!

The first is 'The Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Survival Guide' by Judith McKay and Nancee Hirano. This is a great overview for what chemo's all about, what it does, what nausea meds are out there, what catheters are, nutrition, blood tests, etc. All in laymans terms - presented by the authors, who are both oncology nurses.

'Every Second Counts' by Lance Armstrong. I think it's a great book. The first chapter really hits home - especially if you have cancer. He gets a bit deep in it, into what his beliefs are etc, but he's got some great stuff there. And if you like cycling, some great stories about some events in the Tours.

more later (work in progress)

Personal Notes

Personal notes for us to remember things in the hospital, etc.

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